Exclusive Books and Ultimate Media launch a festive popup podcast series…

As the holiday season approaches and preparations begin for some well-deserved time out, what better time for Exclusive Books, South Africa’s premier book chain, to launch a festive pop up podcast book show on the latest best sellers and interesting reads.

Ultimate Media has been tasked with the production of the podcasts along with author, ferocious reader, reviewer and book event designer Jenny Crwys-Williams.

John Walls, director at Ultimate Media, “We’ve always maintained that podcasting is a big part of the future of broadcasting and this series proves that with the right formula you can ‘narrowcast’ content directly to a niche market. The right people, receiving the appropriate content. We are extremely proud to be a part of this production and who better to talk books than Jenny Crwys-Williams.”

Jenny will be reviewing everything from children’s books to crime novels and interviewing some of the best authors in the business over a seven week period leading up to the festive season.

The podcasts will be aired weekly from 3 November until 15 December 2016 and will be available on all standard podcast subscription apps and platforms, visit http://www.exclusivebooks.co.za or the Jenny & Co. Facebook page.

Listen to all Exclusive Books podcasts on Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/EBSoundcloud
Or http://iono.fm/c/2911


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